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Central to the Trident 660’s power, agility and thrilling performance is its 660cc engine; a Triumph triple-cylinder that delivers the perfect balance of strong torque (that is evident from low-down and right up through the range) which peaks at 64Nm @ 6,250 rpm and exhilarating high-end power which peaks at 81PS @ 10,250 rpm.

In terms of ride quality, there’s an effortless feel to the Trident 660. Its smooth slick 6-speed gearbox has been optimised for fun and rideability, while the slip and assist clutch provides a light action clutch that reduces rider fatigue, allowing you to enjoy riding this remarkable bike for even longer.



The Trident 660’s multi-functional instruments with colour TFT display provide all key information in a compact and uncluttered design for easy at-a-glance interaction while riding.

The display has been designed specifically for the optional accessory-fit connectivity system that enables turn-by-turn navigation, GoPro control, plus phone and music interaction via the switchgear – all clearly displayed on the TFT screen.

The Trident 660 benefits from category-leading rider electronics, including Road and Rain riding modes, which adjust the bike’s throttle and traction control maps for maximum rider control (with Rain mode bringing a softer map for improved safety), ride-by-wire throttle for crisp, precise throttle response, switchable traction control which manages power and torque when traction is compromised and Triumph’s latest generation ABS for additional rider safety.

Full LED lighting produces better performance for maximum rider safety. The distinctively-styled 7” LED headlight has been uniquely designed for the Trident 660, while the compact and integrated rear light has been contoured to the shape of the tail unit. Self-cancelling slim LED indicators add to the Trident 660’s high level of rider convenience (local market restrictions may apply).




Being a Triumph motorcycle, the Trident delivers a confidence-inspiring ride that’s easy to control with incredibly reassuring handling, thrilling performance and fantastic reliability. With its light steering weight you get a sure-footed bike that’s manoeuvrable, agile and fun to ride, and its high specification suspension and braking combine perfectly with the lightweight 17” sporty cast aluminium wheels for maximum agility.

As soon as you get onto this bike you’ll notice the relaxed riding ergonomics, because everything about the Trident 660 is designed to be your perfect everyday ride. The comfortable and practical twin seat has an accessible seat height of 805mm, while the bike’s narrow width encourages a confidence-inspiring standover position with easy access to footpegs, and a span-adjustable brake lever offers additional longer-ride comfort.

The Trident 660’s superior combination of suspension, tyres and brakes brings a comfortable, confidence inspiring ride, including:

High specification Showa suspension system (black upside-down front forks with 120mm front wheel travel, and preload adjustable monoshock rear suspension unit delivering 133.5mm travel)

Versatile Michelin ‘Road 5’ tyres fitted as standard ensuring performance and confidence in wet and dry conditions

Great stopping power from the Nissin braking system 2-piston sliding front calipers with twin 310mm discs and single rear caliper & disc


Triumph Trident 660 reviews)

Trident 660





Triumph Trident 660


Dois kits de inspiração e mais de 65 acessórios Triumph genuínos foram criados para ampliar a funcionalidade, o conforto, o desempenho e o estilo de sua Tiger 900, incluindo uma novíssima linha de bagagens e acessórios de proteção. O kit inspiracional Trekker reúne um conjunto superior de acessórios de bagagem e touring adventure perfeitos para a linha Tiger 900 GT. Já o kit Expedition destaca a incrível funcionalidade off-road da linha Tiger 900 Rally. 


You can personalise your Trident 660 by choosing from a whole range of genuine Triumph accessories, developed alongside the bike itself and subjected to the same rigorous quality and testing processes. With over 45 on offer, including Trident 660 luggage, the My Triumph Connectivity System (for navigation, GoPro control, phone and music operation), and accessories that bring even more comfort, protection and style, you can enhance your Trident 660 in a multitude of ways.

The Trident 660 can be fitted with an optional A2 licence conversion kit that restricts performance to levels suitable for A2 licence holders. This includes A2-specific APS twist grip and unique engine tune, restricting peak power to 47.8 PS (35 kw) at 8750 rpm and peak torque to 59 Nm at 5250 rpm. A Triumph dealership can de-restrict the bike to its full power.

Triumph Genuine Accessories include a two-year unlimited mileage warranty as standard.


Escolha tudo – Com preço competitivo, desportiva, empolgante e ágil, a nova Trident 660 tem tudo - a Mais-valia do Motor Tricilíndrico espera por si.

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