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Desde o anúncio do lançamento da nossa novíssima Tiger 1200 em Novembro de 2017, a imprensa especializada em motociclismo no não parou de publicar comentários, opiniões e reacções. Reunimos aqui algumas das mais recentes hiperligações (links) e citações para lhe disponibilizar uma selecção de análises independentes sobre este novo e magnífico modelo.

The New Speed Twin

"Overall, the Speed Twin is a hoot to ride. It’s a strong, sturdy feeling machine that is hard to unsettle, handles any radius of corner with stylish aplomb and has a bootful of torque to drive through the gears, revs and speed." - Michael Mann, Bike Social 

"Triumph have skilfully meshed all the best bits from the sharp-toothed Thruxton with their laid-back roadsters to create the new Speed Twin.  It's fast, fun, all-day comfy, easy to manage and, despite its modest suspension and braking hardware, has the ride quality, poise and stopping power of a Street or Speed Triple…The Speed Twin is a classy, affordable slab of retro that its rivals will struggle to keep in their sights." - MCN

The new Street Twin with female rider in urban setting

The New Street Twin

'Retro style mixed with modern tech and engineering substance is a sure-fire winner and we’ve seen Triumph conquer this concoction before. This time, the Street Twin has got to that next step up without any fuss. It’s priced sensibly, comes with a robust chassis and engine combo and provides an elegant and classy if not easy and unthreatening entry point. Impressively simple to get on with.' - Bike Social

‘A perkier engine, uprated spec and first-in-class technology makes the 2019 Street Twin a modern classic worth owning.’ - Visor Down

The new Triumph street Scrambler on country road

The New Street Scrambler

'Aesthetically it might look very, very similar to the outgoing model but beneath lies plenty of upgrades to make the £300 price difference worth every penny. Headliners like better brakes and more power aside, it’s the sensible touches like wider spread torque, improved front forks and neat styling that add to its grown-up-ness while still being very easy-to-ride. So it has the class, finesse and ride quality while managing to look butch and strong and having the versatility of being able to conquer the (milder) green lanes too, putting the scramble back into scrambler.’ - Bennetts Bike Social

'The Street Scrambler's off-road looks, stance and feel make this a genuinely charismatic and engaging bike, while its off-road mode lends an even wider appeal.  Suddenly, that dusty trail looks pretty enticing.' - MCN


"It’s one hell of a hustler. Losing weight and introducing top-spec Öhlins to the mix has taken the Triumph’s handling to the next level. It will muller sportsbikes on twisty mountain roads." - Fast Bikes (Facebook)

"Nothing appears to upset the handling, it really is a joy to ride, fast or slow – engine and chassis are truly the best of both worlds. The Triumph’s wonderful spread of torque makes it an effortless ride. You don’t have to chase the revs; you’re always in control. It didn’t just deliver, it walked to the front of the class and got a gold star, and proved, once again, to be a brilliant road bike." - MCN

Person riding a Tiger 800 off road

The New Tiger 800

The new Tiger is refined, fun to ride and boasts the quality and spec of a large adventure bike in an easy-to handle middleweight package - Laura Thomson, Visordown


“The Queen” - Moto Journal (PT) 

“Motos muy bien desarrolladas con el objetivo de ser excelentes ruteras con posibilidades de uso trail mixto” -Javier Pérez Rubio – Soy Motero

"La nueva Tiger 1200 es el máximo exponente de las capacidades de la marca inglesa para generar una moto puntera en todos los sentidos"- Juan A. Serrano - Motofichas

Bonneville Bobber Black

A Triumph conseguiu melhorar o que já era muito bom, a Black é o tipo de moto que nos faz olhar para trás quando a estacionamos, nos faz desejar guia-la por aí e aproveitar a conjugação genial entre o motor e a restante moto. Uma verdadeira Bobber, que ainda por cima pode ser personalizada a gosto com um catálogo com mais de 120 produtos disponíveis para lhe dar aquele toque só nosso. -

Street Triple

"Well deserved of our 5-star rating, the new triple hits harder, spins-up faster and belts out its shrieking, bass-laden, acid-infused soundtrack higher up the decibel range, through its lighter new airbox and exhaust - It’s clear its new 765cc motor is an absolute gem of a thing and has comfortably taken this iconic engine to another, unrivalled level."- MCN

"It is one of the finest motorcycles I've ridden in years, that's quite a statement, I know, but this is one hell of a bike." - Bennetts Bike Social